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Whether in a residential or commercial setting, a stair lift is an important purchase, and making the right decision can lead to years of rewarding, stress-free use. But how should a stair lift be selected? Thankfully, there are effective options that don’t involve traveling to multiple firms to test models. One of the best tools for sourcing trustworthy manufacturers, dealers, and installers is the widespread collection of stair lift reviews.

As consumers share their purchasing and usage experiences, new shoppers can greatly benefit, though it’s important to ensure that reliable, genuine stair lift reviews are selected.  Reviews can be a great help for stair lift research, but only when they share credible data and explain any accolades or complaints.  By far the easiest venue for finding stair lift reviews is the internet, which gives lift users around the world the opportunity to reward excellence and report sub-standard performance.

Unfortunately, the internet is also the source with the greatest concentration of fake reviews and useless reports, but a savvy shopper can sidestep these potential problems with a few considerations in mind. Where a review is posted matters; sites that allow open commenting and discussion among users and which aren’t sponsored by any particular business interest are the most likely to encourage honest and useful stair lift reviews. Forums and consumer report sites can be especially rewarding. Avoid reviews that fail to substantiate any claims and which simply shower empty praise on a stair lift firm or rant without any real complaints.

Checking in with any personal acquaintances who have bought a stair lift or contracted service can also lead to well-informed referrals. In Los Angeles, Gamburd enjoys a wealth of referrals among friends, family, and business contacts, thanks to the firm’s dedication to quality and understanding of the need for flawless work when accessibility and safety are involved.

Expertly selected and customized stair lifts are coupled with friendly service on every call. Stair lift reviews for Bruno, Gamburd’s flagship brand, echo this focus on uncompromising design, ease of use, and sensible pricing. When stair lift reviews are thoroughly researched, the right name is sure to arise –and in LA, Gamburd’s will be there.

Yahoo Reviews

  1. by erinn_quinn


    We live in Los Angeles and we bought a stairlift from Gamburd. They also provided two free grab bars for the price. From start to finish they are a great company to work with. Thanks Gamburd!

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  2. by SHIRLEY


    Gamburd is a 5 star company. We searched the Los Angeles area when looking for a chair lift and found Gumbard. They installed two lifts for us–one on a curved stair case, and the other on a straight one. But for their excellent work and product we would not have been able to stay in our house. The after installation service has been prompt and well done. Thank you Gumbard

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  3. by m.t.


    We decided to get a Stair Lift after my mother was in the hospital and found it difficult to go up and down the stairs at home. Service we received from Manny and the installation staff was excellent. Manny spent a lot of time explaining the product and the installation staff was very courteous and knowledgeable. Even though my mother is healthier now, she continues to use the Stair Lift several times a day. My father, who is in his 90’s uses it more than my mother because of its convenience.

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  4. by Jay Jay


    Gamburd’s professionalism and knowledge of their product was apparent from the first phone call we made to Israel. We knew we had found the right company to help my Mom. Aldrey and Richard were professional, qualified, and the installation was flawless. Thye took time after everthing was completed and made sure my Mom was comfortable with her custom made curved stair lift. They vaccuumed and dusted to ensure no one would know they had been there. Mom’s abiltiy and freedom to move upstairs and downstairs at her convenience has made her more confident and I’m able to sleep soundly know we made the right desicion with the right company – Gambord. Judy Michaels

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  5. by Yvette Berke


    As a small business owner I appreciate when I do business with a company that provides the same passion to their work as I do. The attention to detail and expedited installation by Gamburd made the decision to use a Bruno Stair Lift in my home an easy one. The product is made in the USA which was a great selling feature to me. The company was local and acessible which is very important. Care was given not only to measurements and best fit for need but to other issues in the home that would be helpful to me in bringing my ailing loved one home from the hospital.

    The installer did an excellent job and his attention to detail was incredible.

    There is no doubt in my mind that I would call this company again for any future healthcare accomodation need.

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  6. by Dave


    Manny and his team from Gamburd completed a tub installation quickly, professionally, and with the highest quality craftsmanship. They took precautions where necessary, made sure the area was left clean, and listened to us to make sure the job was completed to our satisfaction and within the budget. I would highly recommend Gumbard for any installation.

    Dave Kinley

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  7. by Alan


    Overhead lift system from Gamburd. Three years ago, Gamburd provided and installed the lift at my home. They had done a wonderful job. The whole system was low profile. The total cost was also low. It was affordable for my family. Best of all, the system is easy to use and still working perfectly. If you need help, don’t worry just call them, and you’ll be happy!

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  8. by Barbara Ron


    Gamburd installed a very long and complicated (four turns) stair lift for my elderly mother’s use. I am completely satisfied in my dealings with Gamburd from beginning to end–presentation of the product through installation. All was handled in a most reliable, professional, thoughtful and courteous manner. I would not hesitate to recommend Gamburd for stair lifts and I would certainly use Gamburd again for other home health care products.

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  9. by David


    The Gamaburd crew is the greatest. The stairlift has been a life-saver for us. Bringing groceries and packages up from outside, and from our garage, has been more helpful than we can say. Aside from that, they are perfectionists. The installation must look and work perfectly. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

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  10. by JayH.


    Gamburd performed my job quickly and professionally. They were always easy to reach and they did everything they promised to do. Prompt, courteous, caring, and reasonably priced – I recommend them without hesitation.

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