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Getting help for a multitude of medical conditions and disabilities is a major concern for many people on Medicare, and assistance for mobility issues is a common request. There are a number of mobility tools and solutions that may be able to help elderly and disabled people through Medicare, but not all available technologies are supported by the program. In fact, one of the most useful and potentially life-changing mobility products available today, the stair lift, typically isn’t covered by Medicare, as its permanent installation in a home places it outside the category of covered items. Still, stair lifts should be considered by anyone in a multi-story residence who experiences difficulty getting up or down the stairs. Stair lifts Medicare coverage may not be a viable solution for most, but investing in a system is often the right choice.

Medicare coverage for mobility devices extends to portable products, which may include certain types of stationary lifts intended to help people move in and out of bed. Such products are rarely capable, however, of effectively helping users climb or descend flights of stairs, and may not prevent possible accidents and injuries. A modern stair lift system, on the other hand, provides a way to move up and down flights of stairs with considerable ease and speed, all while delivering a safe and comfortable experience. Stair lifts frequently help elderly and disabled homeowners avoid having to move to a special facility and instead stay in their homes without risking their health.

When budgets are tight, making sense of the costs of a stair lift system may be difficult. Stair lifts do not require a major financial investment, but may lead to the use of saved funds or a small loan for some buyers. Fortunately, stair lifts are able to quickly pay for themselves as they reduce the need for assisted living expenses and prevent costly hospital bills related to falls and other accidents. Stair lifts Medicare coverage probably won’t materialize to help offset the cost of purchase and installation, but the safety and peace of mind a system affords is usually worth the price. In Los Angeles, firms like Gamburd help Medicare users find and purchase stair lift systems when coverage isn’t an option, and scores of homeowners have re-discovered the joy and ease of living at home as a result.

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