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As we age or become less mobile as the result of illness, injury or disability it becomes more and more difficult to climb stairs. It can even be painful just trying to get around and do what you’ve been doing all your life. There is a solution to regaining your mobility – and your dignity. The answer is staircase lifts, especially if you live in a multiple story home or have stairs leading up to the deck outdoors. Gamburd Inc was founded in 2002 to address just this situation when Israel Gamburd’s father fell seriously ill and was no longer able to muster the strength to navigate stairs. In his search for an alternative to carrying his father up and down the stairs, young Gamburd was disappointed and frustrated to find no viable service solutions for his dad. This prompted him to found his own company in order to provide staircase lifts and other accessibility solutions for real life distresses. Today, Gamburd, Inc. is proud to boast the accolade of being the largest installer of staircase lifts in the country. Locally owned and operated out of Southern California, Gamburd Independent Living Solutions is dedicated to easing the stress and restoring mobility to all who have suffered loss of maneuverability in their homes. Gamburd’s motto is: every client must be treated like family. Having been in your very situation, Gamburd’s is dedicated to bringing each customer quality service at discounted prices. We offer an affordable alternative to remodeling your home in order to facilitate your mobility limitations. What’s more, you won’t feel the need to sell your home and move to lesser accommodations due to your newfound limited accessibility. Gamburd Independent Living Solutions will help you design the perfect plan to restore the accessibility to your home as it exists with their various staircase lifts. We can provide straight railed staircase lifts,curved, outdoor and even portable models. Call us today at 877-362-4597 to schedule your free in-home evaluation. We will come to your home at your convenience and work with you to create the perfect solution to your accessibility issues. You can even visit one of our 3 showrooms to test drive our staircase lifts before you buy. Call us today. 877-362-4597. We will make accessibility simple for you once again

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