About Israel Gamburd

Israel Gamburd The creation of Gamburd Inc. was inspired by my own need and experience. While I was in school working on my degree in architecture, my father became very ill with kidney problems.  Eventually he went into kidney failure and was required to get dialysis 3 times a week. Right after a treatment he was very weak and couldn’t manage the steps into our home.  Many days my brother and I would help him up the stairs or even carry him, but soon, when he couldn’t support his weight, this became a real challenge.  I looked everywhere to find a company or specialist that could offer access solutions.  There were companies that sold wheelchairs or bathroom equipment, but none that specialized in accessible homes and environments.   It was time to start a company that provided the services I couldn’t find.  I decided that I wanted to help not only my father, but also you.  My hand is on every bit of work we do.  I want to make sure that no one has to suffer the inconvenience my father did.  The work we do at Gamburd comes from the heart.  I personally oversee all of our major projects.  I demand a high degree of quality from my employees and myself.  I attend all of the major events in my industry and keep an eye on new products so that when I come to your home for an evaluation, I can offer the most innovative equipment and solutions for your access needs.  Our company is called Gamburd.  It’s my name.  I stand by it...and I stand by you.  Together we will make the world a more accessible place and we will do it with your independence as our first priority.


Los Angeles Showroom
12405 Montague St.
Los Angeles, CA 91331

San Francisco Bay Area Showroom
29400 Kohoutek Way #180
Union City, CA 94587