Home Modification

Riverside, CA. Accessible Kitchen

We met the Lobato family in 2013 and installed 2 simple ramps to allow their daughter Elizabeth to exit the home from the front and side of the house in her power wheelchair.  Once the ramps were complete, Elizabeth’s dad

Whittier, CA. Extra-large shower


We were invited to bid on this really unique project. We were working with very little space and needed to design a large shower to accommodate a tall user who would be laying down while showering. We created a layout

Board and Care remodeling project

Raya’s Paradise board and care remodeling project located in Los Angeles, CA.  This 6th location 1920 original English Tudor got a complete makeover on the inside and outside. The new layout has 4ft wide hallways and accessible bathrooms and showers that allow for

Riverside, CA. Concrete Ramps

Terry Lobato Small

  This is a really unique job for Gamburd Inc.  We needed a way to eliminate a 5 inch step and a 1.5″ threshold.  We removed the the concrete walkway and formed a new concrete ramp to the same level

Huntington Park, CA. Vertical Platform Lift


Located in Hutington Park, CA.  We had to modify the living room and remove the coat closet which allowed space for the vertical platfom lift.  A new custom made steel door with a glass opening and electric interlocks made the

San Rafael, 2 Stop Home Elevator.

This custom built home in the hills of San Rafael happened to have the perfect setting for an indoor elevator. Our clients needed to make their home accessible for their elderly family members and friends with disabilities. A stairlift was

Desert Springs, CA. Home Modification

Bathroom and shower comoplteted

Desert Springs, CA.  We met with the client and listened to their needs and came up with a plan that would allow them to navigate their home in a wheelchair.  Here is a list of the work that we did: Widen all

Monterey Park, CA. Vertical Platform Lift


This hillside home has 16 steps from the driveway to the main level.  The home owner was looking to install a stairlift but decided to get a VPL (platform vertical platform lift).  This VPL has an aluminum enclosure with a full

Long Beach, CA. Accessible Shower

Animated concept drawing

This 2 level town home had a powder room (toilet and sink)on the first level. Gamburd Inc with the help of the owner and their good friends designed a new bathroom which includes a roll-in shower. We took two feet

Anaheim Hills, CA. Accessible Shower and Curved Stairlift

Glass tile wall

Anaheim Hills, CA. We met with the customer to figure out what would be the best way to make this 1970’s home more accessible. We explained the options to the customer and they chose to remain on the 2nd level. We installed a custom curved stairlift and also modified the upstairs bathroom making it more accessible.

Salinas, CA. Overhead Patient Lift Installation

overhead patient lift layout

Salinas, CA. Overhead Patient Lift Installation that required customizing the door opening and framing. This job looks simple but due to the multiple ceiling heights it required very careful planning.  Overhead patient lift are becoming more and more popular, this

Sherman Oaks, CA Outdoor Stairlift

Outdoor stairlift

This job required custom made brackets which were powder coated to match the stock brackets.

Westchester, CA. Accessible Shower and Ramps

ADA Bathroom Sketch

Westchester, CA.  We are remodeling an original mid 1940’s post war home.  While the client is away the son is doing a complete remodel. The remodel will include an Accessible shower with a new door design allowing 2 sections to

Santa Clarita, CA. Accessible Shower and Ramps.

concept drawings shower-front-view

Santa Clarita, CA.  We are building a new accessible shower.  This new home is built on 10″ slab foundation, but it should all workout well.   We are also building 3 new concrete ramp and installing a mechanical drop down

Culver City, CA. Accessible Shower

Accessible Bathroom Concept Drawing

Culver City, CA.  We are building a new accessible shower.  This shower will have 2 shower valves, folding teak shower bench, 2 recessed shower niches, heater and fan combination in the ceiling, new vanity, new ADA height toilet, new mirror

Hemet, CA. Accessibility Project

Concrete front ramp

We are starting a project in Hemet, CA.  It will include the following: Walk-in Tub Grab Bars Laminate Flooring New concrete walk-ways to eliminate steps New doggie door New French doors New kitchen faucet  

Oxnard, CA. Accessible Home

New front ramp in progress

This is a unique 1950’s ranch style raised foundation home that is connected to a newer home (slab on grade).  We had to connect the two homes and make it completely accessible to the home owner using a manual wheelchair.

West Hollywood, CA. Vertical Platform Lift

Completed VPL job

West Hollywood, CA.  This is a hillside home that required access to level two.  You will notice from the photos below that we made a 3D drawing to show the customer what the job will look like completed.  Installing a

Van Nuys, CA. Accessible Shower

Completed tile work

Van Nuys, CA.  We redesigned the layout of this original 1950’s bathroom and made it accessible.  We matched the original wood stained moldings so it wouldn’t be noticeable.  The new shower is designed with universal design in mind, notice that

South San Francisco, CA. Accessible Home


South San Francisco, CA.  Gamburd makes this 1930’s home accessible by adding a deck and a lift in front of the home and switching out a window into a door with a deck and a lift in the back of

Gardena, CA. Accessible Bedroom and Shower Addition

Casimir St

Gardina, CA.  New accessible bedroom and shower addition designed by Landin & Associates.  Gamburd was in charge of  some of the design making sure that the layout was comfortable for the caregiver and patient.  This home is designed to accommodate wheelchair access

North Hills, CA. Vertical Platform Lift.


[popup id=2 /] North Hills, CA.  Gamburd is installing a 12ft platform lift.  Office is located over the parts department.  The client first bought a stairlift and quickly realized that a platform lift would workout better for his case.   The lift

Compton, CA. Accessible Shower and Water Damage


[popup id=2 /] Compton, CA.  Designed and built by Gamburd Inc.  This home had a really bad frame and multiple repairs that were done incorrectly.  Gamburd designed a new layout that incorporated merging the existing toilet and laundry room into one

Pasadena, CA. Outdoor Stairlift and Staircase

[popup id=2 /] Pasadena, CA.  In this case the family had too choose between building a new concrete staircase and then installing an outdoor stairlift or move out and try to find a one level home.  Now with this new

Indio, CA. Accessible Shower, Ramps, Overhead Lift and More.

Back patio completed with ramp and deck

[popup id=2 /] Indio, CA.  Designed and built by Gamburd Inc.  We customized this home with an accessible ramp in the front of the house to match the existing walkway and steps.  In the back of the house there was

Fontana, CA. Accessible Shower and More

Accessible shower gutter drain

[popup id=2 /] Located in Fontana, CA.  Designed and built by Gamburd Inc.   Accessible shower, laminate wood flooring,  concrete wheelchair ramp in the front and rear entry, custom accessible closets, wider doors and new kitchen.  In the accessible shower

Long Beach, CA. Green Accessible Home

[popup id=2 /] Located in Long Beach, CA.  Designed by Jeannette Architects to be a green accessible home with wide hallways, natural light, solar panels, radiant floor heating and more .  Gamburd Inc is proud to be the general contractor performing the work.

Tujunga, CA. Porch Lift and Ramps

[popup id=2 /] Tujunga, CA. This is a case where Gamburd did a platform lift with a deck in the front of the house and a custom ramp with a deck in the rear.  The ramp and deck were made of a

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