Fiberglass to tile accessible shower

Fiberglass tub shower Some of the new homes now come with a shower and tub combination in one. This project located in Indio, CA had this type of setup. To cut cost and remodeling time we decided that keeping the tub as and existing fixture and tearing out the shower stall would be the best option.  After removing the shower stall carefully not to damage the tub we constructed a pony wall so it would be easy to transition into the new accessible shower stall.  Once the wall was constructed the project becomes a standard accessible shower.Pony wall  We covered the existing tiles in the bathroom area and core cut the concrete in order to recess the shower pan.  Once the concrete is out of the way, the new drain must be lowered in order to accommodate the new shower-pan   Once the drain was installed we poured in a new concrete pad and hot moped the area.  The new shower has two shower valves allowing someone in a wheelchair to use a handheld shower and the second valve on the right for anyone else standing up.  Both sides have a recessed niche allowing for shampoo or other bottle space.    

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