Half Way through and we’re so excited! Odessa is well on its way to completion now and we’re estimating that there are about 4-5 months left until the final walk through.  Here are just a few of our most recent developments: Our windows have arrived! After a long and thorough search, navigating through numerous window companies, we finally settled with Pella.  Pella is an American manufacturer out of Iowa dating back to 1925 which specializes in building windows and doors.  We chose a casement window which will provide a clear view to the outdoors.  This type of window opens and closes easily with the turn of a handle which makes them a great option for universal design and handicap accessibility.  The architect series will also accentuate the style and grace of our cape-cod traditional bringing a sense of warmth from the outside and incorporating it within. Wainscoting, a serious consideration!  One of the many decorations that sets a Cape-Cod Traditional home apart is the subtle wainscoting lining each main wall throughout the home.  To “wainscot” in Dutch translates to “to line the walls with boards”.  Its original purpose was to cover the lower part of walls, which, in houses constructed with poor or non-existent damp-proof courses, are often affected by rising dampness.  Its purpose now, however, is purely decorative and brings a beautiful, distinctive and warm touch to traditionally boring walls.  Designing the wainscot to match with our many columns throughout the home is a project in its own right and has kept busy pondering little details. Thomas Edison would be so proud! How would our day to day be without electricity? Can you imagine?  We can’t, that’s why we’ve put so much thought into our electric panels and incorporated the entire home with automation.  First off, we’ll be installing LED Lighting throughout Odessa.  Among having a long life and being energy efficient, LED lights also boast durability, design flexibility and zero UV emissions.  Our master electrician Barak, from Bental Electric is leading the way in making this home safe, energy efficient and well-lit for the enjoyment of the whole family- kids, parents, seniors and pets alike. Thanks for checking out our progress!  We look forward to seeing you here again soon.   Best, Team Gamburd