Gamburd becomes Bruno’s top dealer

bruno platinum Gamburd, Inc. opened its doors in 2002 with a unique vision and mission. The home-care industry was lacking what Gamburd found to be most important- accessibility. There were dozens of local dealers ready to provide wheelchairs, canes and hospital beds but none with ideas about how to make their patients’ homes more accessible. Southern California, after all, is known for its hillside homes and multi-level properties making accessibility especially difficult for the aging. With this knowledge we set out to fill a need that was long overdue. Stairlifts would be our first foray into the world of home accessibility. Through trial and error we eliminated many stairlift manufacturers and in 2006 we firmly decided that Bruno would be our Number 1 brand. We were proud to promote a company who still manufactured in the U.S.A and whose product was second to none. It was important to us to find a partner rather than a supplier, one who would stand behind their products, the dealers who supported them and the end users who relied on their technology each night to make it up the stairs and into their bedrooms. Providing a stairlift is not a onetime sale, where you meet the customer once and never again. It becomes an ongoing relationship where clients are visited for annual services, repairs and general upkeep for years to come. After some time, service calls became an integral part of our businesses. The Bruno brand stayed true to their promise by manufacturing units durable enough to last decades. In 2012, after 6 years of hard work and a team effort between Gamburd and Bruno we became Bruno’s LARGEST nationwide stairlift dealer. We are so thrilled at the notion of how far we’ve come and even more excited to move forward. We owe this amazing honor to our loyal customer base whose reviews have pushed us over the edge making us a brand that can be trusted. Thank you for your support California!!!! We look forward to serving you in 2013 and many years to come. Bruno and Gamburd Abilities 2013

Los Angeles Showroom
12405 Montague St.
Los Angeles, CA 91331

San Francisco Bay Area Showroom
29400 Kohoutek Way #180
Union City, CA 94587