This is why Bruno stairlift are better

When you start looking for a stairlift it seems as if all the stairlift are the same.  When you take a closer look and understand how stairlifts work you quickly realize why Bruno stairlifts are different and better.  Notice in the pictures how this lift hugs the wall and follow the curve, Bruno's technique of manufacturing the rail is different than any other manufacturer in the market.  The rail design is vertical and the gear rack is hidden allowing for a smooth, quite and comfortable ride.  With a digital survey of the staircase and the precision of great USA manufacturer with over 25 years of experience you are guaranteed to get the Cadillac of stairlifts Geri Witt    

Los Angeles Showroom
12405 Montague St.
Los Angeles, CA 91331

San Francisco Bay Area Showroom
29400 Kohoutek Way #180
Union City, CA 94587