TubDipper SB5

Eliminate Heavy Lifting

Children should feel safe, secure and comfortable when bathing. This is especially important for those with special needs. The new TubDipper bathing aid by Showerbuddy is a portable, lightweight and uniquely designed bath lifter which assists with the bathing of young children in the bath. It is particularly suitable for special needs children. The TubDipper reduces a great deal of stress for both the child and the caregiver. It eliminates the need for unnecessary back strain and lifting.

Safe, Secure & Happy Bath Time

The Showerbuddy TubDipper reduces the chance of a caregiver or parent straining their back as it effortlessly lowers the child down into the bath where they can relax in a semi reclined seating position. The child can then be lifted up out of the bath water. No heavy lifting needed

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